Happy belated birthday junho

The cuttest overload

Anneyong Haseyo and Assalamualaikum . Miss me ? Long time not updating my blog . Hihi , So today , is beginning of february but i never post anything about my first husband  Bias birthday . If you always following my blog , You know that i really addicted to Boy who name is LEE JUNHO . *typing His name make my heart melting* Hihihi , 

Anywaysss , I take you 3 minutes ok . oh wait ! pehal wa speaking ni ? Minah saleh celup ? godaii --''

Happy belated Birthday to my dearest oppa . I hope you will always successful and happily with 2pm other members . Anyways , you are now 22 years old [in korea] . Don't be so childdish ok . OMG ! my nuneo getting older now . hihi , You the best k-pop artist i ever seen . Hope one day i can go to korea and give you a hug .I love you killer eye and everything about you . You really make my day and i really really love you !! Once again , Happy belated Birthday . soryy for the late wishing because i really busy with my homeworks and school :") Have a bless and wonderful day .
Thankss video belong to my sister . I hope you will happy :") 

Happy belated birthday to my perfect man ! 

you are Funny , cuteness , defenetly amazing , Sweet Voice, Extremely a Good Dancer, has a killer smile, shining eyes , SEXY ANCHOVY and has a very very HOT butt .
Hope one day you will read my post . Really really hope that :") you stole my heart and not giving back , OMG ! I love you I love you more.Ok , thanks for reading , i really appreciate . HAHA , so many english typo . I dono how to make sentences but my english i get A .so confused and really mysteriuos right ? haha , Maybe the teacher was drunk when mark my exam paper . 
Thanksssss .

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