saengil chukha hamnida oppa

Anneyong Haseyo all chingu(s) . miss me ? Da naa dekadd seminggu tk updatess pape . love to private blog nie :3 tk paham . okee abaikan . cuba nengok tarikh hari nie . 17 december right ? aahhhhhhhhhhhh ~ my little  cutie pie birhday . lee jae jin oppa :3 saengil chukha hamnida my dear . Cewahh ~ mau bunuh diri junho kalau bace mende nie . hihi -,-

Lepas nie mungkin akan banyak english typo sikettt . Hope korunk boleh paham ape kebende yg dieba nk cakap . hoho ~~ My english is really worst same with my junnie  :3

happy birthday JaeJin my favourite goat :3 i hope you stay healthy , happilly , strong and always handsome . you are the cutie bassist i ever seen . I hope i can go to korea immediately and give you a really tight hug [imagine] .I love the way you play the guitar , the way you look at the camera , the way you smile , the way you sing and every thing about you i love .I extremely love your soft voice when you sing japanese song and it always melted my heart .Once again , happy birthday my dear goat :3 saranghaeeeyoooo ~! soryy for the late   wishing ~~ have a wonderful day with FT island's oppa (:
happy birthday song (:
my cutie pie (: 20 y/o already 
Attention : This post not for boy who name is LEE JUNHO .

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